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Foaf, an idea whos time has come.

April 27, 2008

I am very excited about Foaf. Foaf is a technology that has been around awhile but i think its time has come. More and more websites are adopting Foaf. Foaf allows you to list information about yourself and your friends in a way that is both human readable and machine readable. So you say what is so important about being machine readable. Ok, that is a fair question. How many times have you joined another social website and had to tell it all over again who your friends are, when they are already listed in the last half a dozen social sites you have joined.  Well Foaf solves that problem. Write your foaf file once and if the new site can read the foaf format it can add your information and your friend’s information to your new social web site automatically.

There are issues around foaf file’s that still need to be solved like privacy and security. But it seems to me that these issues are finally being addressed and hopefully will be solved in the very near future. Some real smart people are looking into this problem and are coming up with some pretty cool ideas about how to solve them.

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